Saturday, February 18, 2006

Product design for relaxing

A need to be comforted?
I found this very interesting entry on Pasta and Vinegar:

The Flotarium concept is a spaceship-looking sensory deprivation capsule full of water and salts to create optimal buoyancy so that people can float and relax.

The napmosphere
via a modular system meant to be like a cocoon providing a place of shelter.

The napshell, the sleeping capsule, is also very interesting. It's powerful shape acts as eyecatcher that attracts attention to itself. A modular system allows different Areas of use: A simple variant of the object is designed for outdoor areas. The robust construction could be used within parks or in open places as public furniture. This would allow the object to reach a broad audience.

Power-Napping ...

By Cati in Research

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Leonardo Bonanni said...

wow cool just what i need at the office