Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Whispering Landmark : a low cost mini skyscraper

For the MIT mini skyscraper 06 competition I have designed a Skyscraper as a Landmark and a building. I made this project with students and researchers from the MIT Media Lab L.Bonanni and J.Gouldstone.

Whispering Landmark is a miniature skyscraper for the MIT campus that provides an oasis for relaxation as well as a landmark visible from 77 Mass Ave and around the world. Set in a grassy field between the student center and the main campus entrance, the mini-skyscraper is an oversized tuft of green bamboo arranged to spell the institute’s name so that it can be captured by overhead GPS satellites and seen around the globe on the internet.

When you approach the landmark, you can hear the whispering of other voices coming from within the little grove. The voices have been recorded by people near and far interacting with this landmark and others around the world. If you climb between the thirty-foot blades of grass and lay on one of the three hammocks, you can contribute your own voice to the whispering landmark network. As you trade words with three microphones hidden inside the bamboo poles the whispers start sounding like answers to your questions. Or you can plug your iPod into the six surround speakers and broadcast your favorite music around the world.

For the competition we had a model and a working demonstration of the technology.

Our visual scenario of interaction

By Cati in Personal Architecture

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