Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The subliminal watch

Can we know the time almost naturally?

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau were my colleagues while I researched at the Media Lab Europe. Product designers at heart, they came up with impressive installations at the lab, e.g. the gigantic isophone, and regularly gave me great feedback on conceptual insights. Just checking on their website, I saw that they have researched on a product that allow us to know the time almost naturally. They have created a watch that generates electric pulses to four quadrants on the wrist.

The shocks serve a similar purpose as the Church bells’, to subliminally remind us of the hour. Wearing the watch is a learning experience, requiring a period of training to ‘read’ the watch and a further period to ‘know’ the time. The watch is connected to the Rugby atomic clock timeserver, suggesting a return to elements of a former era when the sun standardised or synchronised our reading of time on a global scale

It is a conceptual project. More info on their work and about the subliminal watch.

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