Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Classification for haptic actuation technology

Angela Chang refered me to a paper that articulates a need for haptic classification. This is a key paper to understand how to create and distinguish among haptic effects.
An Activity Classification for Vibrotactile Phenomena By Conor O’Sullivan and Angela Chang. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 4129/2006


We observe that the recent availability of audio-haptic actuators allow richer vibration content to be available in commercial devices. However, we note that consumers are unable to take advantage of these rich experiences, mainly due to the lack of a descriptive language for vibration. We analyze the current methods for classifying vibrations. We propose a new framework for describing vibrotactile haptic phenomena, based on an organizing the media based on content activity. We describe this naming system, based on Russolo’s families of noise, and address other pertinent issues to introducing vibration content into commercial devices.

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