Monday, September 11, 2006

The Emotional Wardrobe

The Emotional Wardrobe, by Lisa Stead, Petar Goulev, Caroline Evans, Ebrahim Mamdani
In Personal and Ubiquitous Computing archive, Springer-Verlag, Volume 8 , Issue 3-4 (July 2004), Pages: 282 - 290, 2004.
Abstract follows ...

Since the industrial revolution, fashion and technology have been linked through the textile and manufacturing industries, a relationship that has propelled technical innovation and aesthetic and social change. Today, a new alliance is emerging through the integration of electronic technology and smart materials on the body. This study addresses the integration of technology with clothing from a fashion perspective, and examines its expressive and interactive potential. It proposes the concept of “The Emotional Wardrobe”: clothing that represents and stimulates emotional response through the interface of technology. It asks if fashion can offer a more personal and provocative definition of self, which actively involves the wearer in a mutable aesthetic identity. A multi-disciplinary framework combines fashion, material science and the real-time, affective computing platform, called “AffectiveWare”. By merging technology and fashion, The Emotional Wardrobe becomes a poetic interface, shifting emphasis from human–computer interaction to computer-aided, human–human communication.

Website of the Emotional Wardrobe project

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