Friday, January 26, 2007

Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces

A conference that seems to bridge product design methods and HCI. The next one happens in Finland, Helsinki.
Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces 2007, August 22 - 25, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland.

Description UE+/User Experience Plus

"User Experience" has become a key word in design over the last decade. It articulated disappointment with usability research in the 1990s, bringing to the fore designers traditional skill, an ability to create products and interfaces that are a joy to use and, at best, exciting. In many ways, the concept has been successful. It has become a cornerstone in many leading design programs all over the world. It has generated theoretical discussion. It has rejuvenated philosophical debate in design research. It has found a home not just in research, but also in design education.
However, as all concepts, this notion has been gathering dust over the years. Designers and researchers in many parts of the world have been going beyond user experience. While taking the lesson from what has been learned, they prefer to use more specific concepts, including concepts such like affective interaction, rich interaction, and co-experience.
Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces 2007 will welcome contributions that explore these developments. It encourages:
Conceptual contributions backed up with designs and empirical research.
New innovative research that builds on user experience, but add t it.
Methodological papers and designs that extend user experience research.
Theoretical reflections.

List of sessions
Session I: My Fingertip's Just 1 Bit of Me! Enriching Product Interaction through Skilled Actions
Session II: Luxury in User Experience: Designing and Consuming New Luxury
Session III: The Aesthetics of Interaction
Session IV: Imagined Qualities of Products as Constituents of Experience
Session V: Things that Come Between Us: Social Interaction as Design Material

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