Friday, January 26, 2007

New product development

Anne Bruseberg and Deana McDonagh-Philp (2001) New product development by eliciting user experience and aspirations International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 55, Number 4, October 2001, pp. 435-452(18)

Abstract Industrial design training is embracing the need for designers to elicit user needs in order to support the development of successful new products. This paper highlights the collaboration of an ergonomist and two industrial designers in the development of a range of mainstream domestic consumer products. It documents the experiences gained in applying and adapting focus group techniques to inform the designing process directly, and illustrates how a variety of techniques (e.g. product handling and product personality profiling) can be incorporated to elicit user needs, aspirations and emotions.

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Anonymous said...

although it's a bit old, it's good that exhist papers like that.

designers are no more a shape-definers,
I understand a product/industrial designer as a translator and as an expert of the relation between products and people.

please, could you submit the paper link?

here I link you another good paper from 2003, about UCPCD User-Centered Product Concept Design

BTW, congratulations for your blog, I really like it.