Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pure Nomade

Since I work with a pure nomad Yas, I revisit my assumptions about my moving around furniture and stuff. Today I found on the internet this interior design modular system for an aestheticized nomadic life ...

The "Hotel" box concept is a brand new product to the market. It is neither a box, nor a piece of furniture, but all in between. Through years the industrial designer: Lilian Adler stuffed all her latest treasures of shoes, as we all do, in randomly shaped boxes and, again as we all do, into the far-end corner of the closet. Hard to manage, tough to stack. As time passed by and the space became even more tight, she just had to come up with something smarter. A shoebox which could be towed away when not in use, and put at display when requested

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Yaz said...

Trop chouette ;) available in NYC at http://yoyashop.com
It says: "You buy them collapsed and sealed in plastic folio. Whenever you need them you take them out, fold them into boxes, zip them with a pair of rubber bands, and they are ready to go. They can safely be stacked in up to 10 feet towers fixed through a center screw at the top of the box and they can be set up as shelves crawling along the walls by using some joints supporters, and all in between. Finally a dust lid is snapped into place through the opening in front, making this the window for display."