Wednesday, July 25, 2007

E-puzzle at IDSA IDEA 2007

Discovered on Gizmodo, the BusinessWeek/IDSA IDEA 2007 Awards Gallery presents the E-puzzle designed by Peter Chen. The pictures appeared to be self explanatory.

At first I wandered what the e-puzzle could do, because it seems like a child is moving pieces around on a most probably "interactive map". What could it do? Play "bip bip" sounds? tell a winnie the poo story... in any case, from the picture it did not seem great. Just e-something.

However it is more innovative than that, even if improbable for quite a while, the concept idea is to use e-paper that parents could download patterns to and that children could endlessly discover and assemble. The idea to play with tangible pieces using unlimited digital information is fascinating.
Now how interesting is the project for children? For parents? It seems it can save space (less puzzle at home), money (10000 puzzles into one), offer control (my child will play with a family picture and not a winnie the poo!) ...

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