Friday, November 23, 2007

An intelligent bar of soap!

The Bar of Soap, created by Michael Bove, Stacie Slotnick and Brandon Taylor at the MIT Media Laboratory, is a handheld device that recognizes how it is being held and adjusts its functionality accordingly. For instance if you want to make a phone call, just hold the bar of soap like a phone!

The device senses the pattern of touch and orientation when it is held, and reconfigures to become one of a variety of devices, such as phone, camera, remote control, PDA, or game machine. Pattern-recognition techniques allow the device to infer the user's intention based on grasp. We are now adding display surfaces across the entire device so that buttons and indicators can be created where needed for a particular mode.


Zee DeVoSS said...

That is amazing, imagine the polyvalence and customization dreams that enables! The creations of new buttons and indicators when needed is particularly interesting.

I hope there is still a way though to force one mode whenever you don't act as "expected" (when you take acrobatically a self-picture, or hold your phone, etc...). :)

Jay said...

lol thats crazy awesome! but why would you make a call in the shower?