Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wanna get an old new-mac?

Me with my PowerBook G4, on the road from San Francisco to San Diego

Being a big fan of Tim Mott's concept of guided fantasies with the need of rigorous user testing for designing user interfaces, I find Apple computers being all about user's needs.

I recently repaired my old Power Book G4 to give it to my grand ma, who had almost no computer experience. After testing with her different platforms, she prefers working with a trackpad than a usual mouse. She loves the drag and drop and prefers it to the open/close menu. In sum, the mac interface and the macbook pro seems perfect for her. Teaching her using my old mac was so nice combining my knowledge in usability to the love for my grand ma. Now she is on Skype regularly and I can talk and chat with her!

Apple iMac G4

You can get Apple parts for old computers online. DV Warehouse is an avid reseller of used mac. It proposes a wide range of Macintosh computers and individual parts. They have pretty good deals, have a lot of Apple parts, and also nostalgic pieces such as the Apple iMac G4 or the iMac G3. The Apple community needs this kind of single source for used Mac and used Macintosh computers parts. So you can start designing, repairing and hacking old macs!

The Apple iMac G3

I could not find the Apple I, Apple's first product! "Sold as an assembled circuit board, it lacked basic features such as a keyboard, monitor, and case."

Apple 1 with an added keyboard and a wooden case. Photo taken by rebelpilot

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Anonymous said...

a day without your blog is a lost-day

Anonymous said...


You must read a blog entry of mine from last November:

Happy 85th Birthday
My Grandmother's first computer.

I gave my grandmother a used Mac as well.