Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Your umbrella is your better sword!

As a child I empowered my toys with all kinds of will of their own. We all have one day stood up on a chair pretending it was a boat crossing Niagara Falls. Well Yuichiro Katsumoto did it. He creates objects that become anything you want with noises. By combining common household commodities with computers, Yuichiro Katsumoto works on ubiquitous computing. He created a set of daily objects that give our everyday lives a whimsical spin.

He created Amagatana an umbrella for enjoying a blissful walk after a rain.

Amagatana is a mystical sword for enjoying the blithe feeling after the rain. When you swing Amagatana, you can hear the sound of swords clashing from the headphone. Amagatana seems to be just a plastic umbrella. You also seem just like a cheerful person when you are playing Amagatana. However, the umbrella exists beautifully in your hand as a “sword”. On your way home, Amagatana offers you the world of make-believe. Then, you will be able to get a feel for heroes of comics, cartoon, and video games. It’s your own pleasure, which nobody can notice.

He also created Fula, a muffler for warming the user's body and soul on a cold winter's day. Ordinary mufflers protect our body against the cold by blocking the cold air. However, Fula warms the user by encouraging him to physically move, by fluttering its fabric in a superhero-like manner in response to the user's muscular contractions. Through acting in accordance to the flutter, the user can warm his body, and by seeing the reflection of his heroic self in store windows, his soul as well. Fula can also be used in conjunction with Amagatana, to have the two interact together.

I found this awesome video on Youtube. You gotta watch this video. It is too funny.

Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ Architectradure

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Zee DeVoSS said...

Whooooah! C'est excellent! Et le Fula à la fin, c'est géant! Je veux avoir 10 ans à nouveau! Vive l'accéleromètre et les géniaux ingénieurs! Merci Cati de nous faire partager ces découvertes :)