Thursday, June 19, 2008

Web 2.0 for the gambling community

My new summer game: the backgammon

Web 2.0 keeps surprising me: we share information, create content, collaborate through communities, social networking sites, wikis and blogs. This production of content, for the most part decentralized, strongly impact our economy. Each area of the web is growing, borrowing open-source tools and peer production of content.

One area that keeps massively imposing itself but misses the point and annoys internet users, is the online casino and game communities. Not only these sites do usually not offer anything interesting, except low quality games, but they do not make use of existing tools that could truly enhanced the “casino player” experience.

Yet, I found a complete platform for the online game and gamblers community. It works as an online gambling guide. It makes use of web 2.0 technologies and provides, for instance, weekly news and tips in rich video format along with interviews of specialists. The site uses algorithms that scan the web to find the highest jackpots. They offer a community based website that includes personal blogs of players, discussions, and sharing options. Not only the design is clean and inviting (you will not find banners with glitters that pops up every two seconds), but also the site is useful for anyone who wants to learn about games: it will lead the future (or current) players from the beginner to the pro difficulty level. It is a self contained environment for the gambler and the player. Even though I am not a gambler, I am a dedicated game player and my current summer game is the super fun Backgammon and the tips I read about it are really exciting!

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