Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Video feedback and recorder on toy accessories

Working on tangible video capturing, editing and performing systems since '00, it is nice to see a product that is directly translated from my research! At the MIT Media Lab, I was Mattel fellow for four consecutive terms and for my PhD I created Picture This, basically dolls with camera integrated in their accessories to alternate view points, record and play back videos. Mattel will release their first doll with video recorder integrated in July 2010!


Pictures from Chick Chiplets

So more details about the product, Mattel developed a toy that features a video camera built directly into Barbie’s necklace with a LCD video screen on her back, so you can record and view everything that Barbie’s seen and experienced!


You can record videos up to 30 minutes long and even edit videos (add music and sound effects) on Barbie.com. The Barbie Video Girl Doll will cost around $50 and will be available in July 2010...

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