Thursday, June 17, 2010

Magic books

Talking about creative projects and about amazing people, Etienne Mineur, who was my professor in Paris (lucky me again!!) along with Bertrand Duplat just released their éditions volumiques.

They consider paper a new computing platform, envisioning an OS made of paper, video games in paper, etc... They also research on the relationship between the act of reading and the physical handling of a book along with their relationship to new technologies. The core concept in this work is to stop opposing the digital world to the paper world but on the contrary to find a synergy and complementarity: working on tangible books, connected and magical.

Here they are, this new series of prototypes and research on this subject, some of the magic book will be available in September 2010!

Some avant-première videos!



The Night of the Living Dead Pixels


Le livre qui tourne ses pages tout seul

le livre qui disparaît

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