Monday, February 05, 2007


I team up with Hayes Raffle to work on his invention Jabberstamp a tool that allows children to synthesize their drawings and voices.

Jabberstamp is the the first tool that allows children to synthesize their drawings and voices. To use Jabberstamp, children create drawings, collages or paintings on normal paper. They press a special rubber stamp onto the page to record sounds into their drawings. When children touch the marks of the stamp with a small trumpet, they can hear the sounds playback, retelling the stories they have created.

Children ages 4+ can use Jabberstamp to embed names, narratives, characters’ voices and environmental sound effects in their original drawings. Children’s compositions help them communicate their stories with peers and adults, and allow them to record and situate stories in personally meaningful contexts to share with others, before they have mastered writing.

Update about Jabberstamp ...

Jabberstamp's video


Unknown said...

A great learning tool. A can see teachers building entire curriculums around this type of technology.

Rollin said...

Brilliant stuff. I saw your interview over at We Make Money Not Art- your list of projects was impressive and inspiring (if a little daunting). I love watching Art and Technology collide... I'll be sure to visit here again.