Sunday, March 11, 2007


Just a post for the beauty of the eyes.
I followed the work of Anano since 2001. She designed my favorite bear characters. You can discover more pictures of her creations on her web site.

Later on she created a variety of objects and photographs, elegant, delicate, small and antique.

Two of her books on amazon

Petit a petit

Recevoir chez Anano


Anonymous said...

lovely work <3

Brian said...

I've found that sculpting or designing in miniature is quite unforgiving. These are very impressive!

Anonymous said...

In french : "Trop mignon, je veux la même chose pour ma fille !"

Olivier Vaubourg said...

Je trouve le travail sur les textures et la lumière incroyable. J'adore le rendu photographique de ces textures (papier épais, tissage, vieillissement). C'est un peu ce que je cherchais à réaliser, il y a maintenant très longtemps,... en mille fois mieux.