Tuesday, July 31, 2007

8(eight) things you probably don't know about me–probably

Marc Rapp the publisher of Unique Epitome has meme'd me. So here you go: 8 things you don't know about me:

· Some people think that I have a French accent. These people are bizarre
· I read comic books, watch animes, and play video games. But I am not the girl of your dreams
· I have a dark history of mathematics & economics
· I am not vegetarian. Animals are tasty. But they are cute as pets too
· My blog kicks ass. It always takes a while to recognize real talents
· People constantly project on me. Stereotypes of French girls are crazy in this country. But it's true I don't shave and hate taking showers
· I became very serious about my sculpture work. I had to prematurely end my brief foray because the fame was jeopardizing the work
· I can't find an eighth one, you know everything about me already! Here is my quiche

My quiche Lorraine

My turn and I will meme Architectradure's commentors!


flukux said...

haha :)
can i marry you ?

Yaz said...

You are a super STAR! À bientôt Cati ;)

Unknown said...

Welcome super commentors, you won the MEME... so 8 things about you that nobody knows... mouhahaha

aure said...

Who are you to dictate my dreams??? ;)

Unknown said...

"I am not vegetarian. Animals are tasty. But they are cute as pets too"


I'm putting that on a tee.

Unknown said...

Yaz did it!!!

Now you turns flukux and aure :)

Anonymous said...

"My blog kicks ass."--how very true.
It really is an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

1 when i get bored in phone conversation, i sometimes speak through a vocoder into the receiver, then deny i hear anything odd on my end
2 for the summer i drive a speed triple
3 on rainy sundays, i browse flickr and cut out people, faces, animals, objects and create my own cutup scenes
4 my virtual-vigilantism extends only so far as to correct other's spelling and grammatical errors
5 favorite magazines: monocle, volume, car
6 highly skilled in the art of deduction
7 was dropped on my head as an infant (sitter) and for the following five months, was thought to be brain damaged
8 do my best thinking in the shower