Saturday, December 02, 2006

An outside of the dysmorphic body

Screenshots from the video

In this sculpture the dysmorphic body is reappropriated to create an outside of the body and therefore exemplify its disproportion.

Screenshots from the video

For this video, I arranged lights and shadows to create a positive out of a negative impression that I carved in the mold. I reappropriate the dysmorphic body and through the camera I confuse the eye of the viewer and create the illusion of a body being carved. Finally, I end the video by using a string to present the illusion trick to the viewer, the string is a link between the inside and the outside.

controller="true" loop="true" pluginspage=''>


Material: plaster
Video: Raw data with no editing

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Anonymous said...

Very affective. The experience of not being able to fix on one orientation contributes to the figure's mystery. The lack of sound in the video supports this too, there's little to hold on to to create context.