Friday, July 16, 2010

Playful Inventions and Explorations: What's to Be Learned from Kids?

With their boundless curiosity, fertile imagination, and natural mastery of the art of self-directed learning, children have much to teach adults about creativity and innovation. That's perhaps even more true with today's "digital natives," says developmental psychologist Edith Ackermann, whose work explores—and exploits—the intersections of play, learning, design, and technology. An educator and researcher, Ackermann has consulted for LEGO and the LEGO Learning Institute for more than 20 years and worked under the direction of Jean Piaget, the Swiss psychologist renowned for his studies on children at play, at the Centre International d'Epistémologie Génétique. She has taught at Harvard, MIT, and other universities.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Collaborative tablets

Jak Spencer designed a hardware based solution for group meeting collaboration. Four touch surfaces are used individually by meeting participants for group work. The hardware platform combined with a software solution to aid collaboration in meeting environments. It has been designed specifically for Architects and Designers to work on 2D drawing files and 3D CAD files.


The system combines an intuitive interactive user interface with cutting edge touch technology. Users can work in presentation mode where the full 32’ surface of an LCD monitor becomes multi-touch enabled, or in collaboration mode – where the touch surface is broken into 4 separate tablets.

The project has developed from early stage blue-sky designs, through concept selection and detailed design development to a real prototype. In the prototype the top left hand tablet is fully functional with the electronics housed in the frame, whilst the software has been simulated to suggest methods to ease design collaboration. Have a look at the video for more info.