Wednesday, August 19, 2009

K-12 Embodied and Mediated Learning

SMALLab @ Arizona State University - 2009 from aisling kelliher on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What can you make with your USB key?

USB is used as a synonym for a universal connection, so designers envisioned rings to know if people are suited to each other, if they are really compatible, or to know how long it will last! Synchronizing via USB, transforming the shape of the device can lead to a multitude of concepts. Customized USB devices have gone beyond imagination, such as the USB pregnancy test that combines both your digital data to your bio data, a very sexy trend, however it was only an April fool… People also flirt with the idea of a USB key which size changes depending on the data it contains. Pretty neat! Will it ever blow up when it reaches its limits? How to represent the type of data it contains? Does it complain when it is out of data? However all these neat design sketches are exclusively at the level of concepts.

It is still possible to customize your device in any ways you want. There is a company that offers Personalized jump drive: to create your USB sketches in any color or material you can think of: if you want a USB carrot, it is probably possible. Apparently the company accepts any request. You never have enough USB keys in your bag and imagine if you could possess the USB key of your dreams! I am not sure how they offer to harvest the USB power pin to power up an external device, but they might, after all there is a USB key that exists exclusively to recharge alcaline batteries!

A USB fire extinguisher for Kidde Aerospace and Defense.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Technical objects make music


Yuri Suzuki and Naoki Kawamoto want to contribute to the design of daily domestic noises. alarms, mobile phones, a doorbell; They reexplore their sounds. The musical kettle is a part of series 're-design soundscape'. As the kettle boils it whistles your favorite tunes.

I particularly love the way the kettle is outfitted, but I also love the idea of reinventing the sound of objects!