Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cooling down or heating up the body

At MIT, Tangible Media Research Group, we created Cool Me Down, a flexible fabric wrap with electronic heat pumps and metallic sinks that generates a cooling sensation. we originally designed the system for the treatment of schizophrenia within a care-giving facility. Conducting case studies at a local hospital, we discovered that this technology could be used to accompany usual treatment for other mental conditions.

Throughout the research I explored ways of heat synchronization with the body instead of triggering artificial heat independently from the body. I recently found a fascinating product CoreControl developed by researchers Dennis Grahn and H. Craig Heller.

Problem: "Overheating is a serious concern when exercising in hot environments, wearing insulative clothing, or during high intensity activity. CoreControl can be used to effectively remove heat from the body in a variety of settings."

Solution: "CoreControl TM powered by RTX cools you quickly and safely from the inside out. With patented, cutting-edge technology, it rapidly cools your body core first, unlike ice packs, vests, and misting fans, which cool you from the outside in. CoreControl enables you to consistently perform at your peak."

CoreControl diagram by Nigel Holmes, from Just Cool It's article in Stanford Magazine.

CoreControl's web site


Anonymous said...

A l'inverse il y a également les vêtements chauffants comme WarmX


Michael said...

If you haven't already you might like to read this article. I believe (but didn't google sufficiently deeply) that it's the pre-commercialization prototypes of the CoreControl you mentioned.

Fascinating in any case.



Susanne said...

Hi Cati, I like "Cool Me Down". I forgot to let you know, when you introduced the proto in June that it could be very useful for people with certain neurological disorders, like MS, too, but perhaps you already knew that. Yours, Susanne