Monday, December 10, 2007

Video scenarios of tech-enabled behaviors

Mobility platform videos for Intel by Ideo.

Visualizing high-tech's human-centered future by Ideo.
Tapping into the growing broadband access around the world, Intel has innovated a series of chipsets and mobile platforms that enable smarter, more efficient laptops, mobile phones, and PDAs. While these offerings represent new possibilities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), it's not uncommon for OEMs to need an added push to invest in unproven technology. To bring to life the potential of this technology, IDEO worked with Intel to visualize what user behaviors might be enabled by the offerings. The work, which culminated in the form of three videos, points to Intel's larger shift toward human-centered technology innovation.

In looking at Intel's next-generation products, IDEO had a clear sense of the emphasis on mobility. From a design perspective, the offerings were each exciting, offering new ways for people to live and work, but lacked the cohesion of a system. To integrate the platforms, IDEO developed user scenarios that merged product, interaction, and experience as they related to such behaviors as hands-free communication, social networking, and purchasing. These user scenarios were then fully storyboarded and scripted for video production.

In depicting user behaviors through video scenarios, IDEO created a unified vision for Intel's offerings that has served to foster alignment within Intel as well as to communicate product value to OEMs and service providers.

By Architectradure


Unknown said...

That's gross. He forgot to shower in the first spot! :)

Anonymous said...

I was a bit disapointed by the video... mostly because it was all about better services, comfort of communication, everything at your fingertips... the stuff of the 60's on how better the future would become with all this technology.
What I would like intel and ideo develop is scenarios inviting human creation, pushing people to go beyond themselves and helping eachother on a meaningful/emotional level... at the end We know that can pull out a ready-made template for a client after a jogg, hear beethoven while finding our way in the city and set up a meeting at a party downtown while in subway... do I really need all these technologies to get these result?