Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kashmiri ... my friends

A voice for my friend, what can I do?

...this earthquake. Now theres too much grief, too much of a sense of helplessness, i stand unharmed, my city glimmering like it has for centuries, yet just a few hundred miles away there is hell on earth. Our mountains were works of art, like a beautiful painting, now littered with bodies, complete towns wiped from existence. I must do something more than the general financial help, but what?!!!

My dear friend, what can I say? I have no words but your words. So I have tears and pain inside and no words or the word of you my kashmiri friend and then I try to help in my everyday life, with my utopies ...

Of course there is the donation online or via banking, I quote them: "With over 30,000 people dead and 50,000 people left cold, injured, hungry and homeless after the earthquake, relief organizations from across the world need help in running their relief efforts in affected regions. They need funds for the search and rescue phase, the food/shelter/medical relief phase, and the reconstruction phase. Please donate all you can, in any way that you can. Thank you for all your help."

Relief help

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