Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Interact 2007 presentation

Today at Interact 2007 I presented my research conducted from 2002 until 2005. I presented the story of a Graphical User Interface that became a Tangible User Interface. The presentation introduced a novel approach to collecting, editing and performing visual and sound clips in real time.
The cumbersome process of capturing and editing becomes fluid in the improvisation of a story, and accessible as a way to create a final movie. It was shown how a graphical interface created for video production informs the design of a tangible environment that provides a spontaneous and collaborative approach to video creation, selection and sequencing.
Iterative design process, participatory design sessions and workshop observations with 10-12 year old users from Sweden and Ireland were presented and discussed. The limitations of interfacing video capture, editing and publication in a self-contained platform were addressed.

I uploaded my presentation in .pdf format here

Paper in .pdf


Olivier Vaubourg said...

Enfin ! Depuis que le monde entier l'attendait ! Bravo Cati ! Belle histoire que ce projet devenu réalité et... tangeible ;)

Anonymous said...

Truly excellent work to behold. It must have been a blast working with all those children! The fact that half of them needed no instruction is a big usability win regarding the project.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for uploading the PDF. Excellent project.