Friday, April 11, 2008

A dystopian future for bloggers

I recently came across intense and surprising posts about friends-bloggers who got banned by Google for monetizing their site. Their electronic death is a disaster for them. Bloggers write digitally, they exist electronically, but their online creative efforts are real. I think Google should be more careful before shutting down a site. The ones who create a site are real, they are not computer algorithms, so a single algorithm should not be entitled to kill a human's joy! Anyhow, this made me think a little. Google search engine became pretty powerful.

Rumors say that selling/buying links ads (except the Google ads) ruins the natural ecosystem of the blogosphere and that Google penalizes users for doing so (by killing their internet existence). We all know advertisers only care for traffic and trend, but for some reason it indirectly increases their ranking as well and Google fights radically against this. As a blogger-publisher, Google does not warn you and just remove you from their index search as well as decrease drastically your pagerank up to zero. Because it has a almost-monopole on the internet, this resorts pretty much in the site's digital death. Surprisingly, I think Google does not measure the impact this can have on bloggers who actually care for their site/blog.

A useful analogy is to imagine that you worked hard to create a physical business that exists in the real world and that you communicate with some customers with Fedex and other customers with DHL. One day you wake up to find that your physical business has been relocated to Siberia and all because the Fedex guys found out that you use DHL to conduct business with some of your customers. The role of Google is as an intermediary that facilitates business as a service and intermediaries should not be involved with security and policy because of conflict of interest.

I kind of see the point of Google's need for better quality on the blogosphere. However should radical methods like electronic death be tolerated?

Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ Architectradure
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Anonymous said...

Should it be tolerated? You ask that as if "we" have any say or choice in the matter.

Google is a jealous god.

trendinsights said...

Reading this post reminds me of the case between SearchKing and Google.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this has been an unfortunate trend lately. Adding the no follow tag to your paid links is a good way to prevent "google spanks". Once you make the changes to make your robot slave driver happy, you can resubmit your site and usually regain your pagerank status back. I see the point your making though. Hopefully, as the web grows there will be more search engines. Maybe like how TV channels serve different demographics we will have Seach Engines that do the same- all having different algorithms which cater specifically to that demographic.