Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wearable devices are being introduced to the public. The form is kind of very generic, wearable? A watch. What about jewelry, hairbands, dresses, shirts, wigs, hats, anything but a watch! Or at least a beautiful one... The designer-technologist community came up with a bunch of pretty cool concepts. Why are none of them being picked up, really? Samsung recently came up with a pretty interesting watch, the Galaxy Gear. I love most of the interactions it proposes. It fits right in the idea of selecting what matters where it matters when it matters and connecting it with my other devices (that I also wear!).


But the watch itself seems unappealing. Maybe something more feminine, more discrete? For instance what they did with Glass is awesome. It is beautiful, customizable and simple even if parked in front of your face.


 Recently Google came up with another watch: Android wear. Again it's really cool, and it totally makes sense , plus the design seems much slicker like a regular watch ... Also Android has a pretty good app community...


I like the aesthetics of the Pebble watch. A bit vintage nerd, it's somehow the one that I prefer in terms of look, just because it has a personality.

Now I really REALLY think this is the way to go. Durr by Skrekkogle. Rethinking time all together. Envisioning what would it feel to not look for time when you want it, but being reminded every five minutes that 5 minutes have passed. I love this shivering bracelet that investigates our perception of 5 minutes. Transforming your perception of the day, I am curious to see how people react to tangible time. Of course, the design is really awesome.


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