Friday, February 10, 2006

Taptap and its next steps

The Seamless Fashion show has presented Taptap a project I team-developped for the Tangible Interface class at MIT Media Lab. Previously called Touching Memories, it is about the possibility to record memories of touch.
I cared about recording affectionate touch rather than touch used during physical therapy or learning. Trying to find a potential application for this concept, I remembered the urgency in the need of nurses during war; during such event orphans, especially young babies, need a certain amount of hugs to survive. The scarf was then an attempt to overcome this problem. It could be used as a platform for the nurse to hug many children at once and help them survive. After discussing with Leo about this application, he has found some research on baby monkeys in relationship to an artificial mother. Regarding the design and this application in mind, I wanted the sensory object to be a scarf to easily position the sensors where and when needed. The modularity also offers the potential for the scarf to be independent from the electronic as much as the electronic to differ from the scarf and have a life on its own.

We have written a work in progress paper for CHI'06 about Taptap that has just been accepted. We are now discussing with health care department about the next steps of our system.

In the meantime, Taptap has been exhibited at the Seamless Fashion Show in Boston.

The following in a slideshow presenting the pictures I took of the fashion show

Photos during rehersal and also more photos during the fashion show.

Models: Lauren and Joy

By Cati in computational product design

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