Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dynamic mappping of wireless network in real-time

At GSD, I attended a talk by Carlo Ratti about research he directs at the SENSEable City lab. He presented iSPOTS, project that analyses how wireless technology is changing life at MIT. This research looks at superposing real time information --with the mapping of laptops or cell phones-- to understand the relation between activity and space . One application Carlo mentionned is to look at how tourists move in the city based on their nationality.

The iSPOTS project aims at describing changes in living and working at MIT by mapping the dynamics of the wireless network in real-time. Thus, the complex and dispersed individual movement patterns that make up the daily life of the campus can be revealed, helping TO answer many questions: Which physical spaces are preferred for work in the MIT community? How could future physical planning of the campus suit the community's changing needs? Which location-based services would be most helpful for students and academics?

This map shows how wireless Internet is used on the MIT campus in real-time.

They have developped a script for people to locate themselves with precision on the campus and decide to share location with who they want. They are also developping the mobile-skype so they can use skype from their mobile phone.

  • research paper on How Wireless Technology is Changing Life on the MIT Campus

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    Anonymous said...

    hello cati!
    i'm dani, and i'm architecture, so i was taking a look at your orkut then i came here to take a look...(i'm christian's friend!)
    i guess is pretty interesting your research, and i want to ask you if you know any kind of work that talks about the influence of the wireless comunications and the virtual life in urban planing and social life, i'm talking that because at my master i've try to study that but here in sao paulo, it was very hard for me...

    by the way, i noticed you know ernesto neto, a brazilian artist! he is pretty interesting, have you ever seen his work ?

    kisses dani.