Thursday, April 06, 2006

Toy Fair (s)

I am fascinated by contemporary art exhibitions. If possible I try to attend La Biennale d'Art Contemporain in Lyon.
Another source of inspiration --that I have been told is adverse to contemporary art shows-- are Toy Shows. To me, toys are also inspirational as in the manner invention is linked to fashion and technology and they are meant to hacked, rediscovered and appropriated for one's own creative use. I also am interested in the evolution of the industrial aspect of a toy production.

Some Toy Fairs:

  • Middle Eastern toy fair in May

  • ABRIN-Brazilian Toy Fair in April

  • Tokyo Toy Show, The Japan Toy Association in July

  • There is also:
    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Theme Parks & Fun Centres Show, 22-24 May, CHINA, International Toy, Baby & Gift Fair, oct 18-20, CHINESE TAIPEI, Taipei Domestic Toys & Children Articles Show- KOREA, Seoul International Toy Fair- SWEDEN, Stockholm Toy Fair

    By Cati in personal addiction

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