Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Portrait of Cati II

This community of artist-researchers is amazing! After Portait of Cati by Stefan Agamanolis, my friend Orit Zuckerman made Portrait of Cati II to differenciate her art work from Stefan's. I helped her in being the same person in both installations, but in hers I pretend to be a femme fatale (which I cannot be) and myself (which is easier).
Her idea is that if the viewer is male, he would see in me the femme fatale, and if the viewer is a female, she would see the real Cati. She uses her photographic skills and by only using a web cam and a set of dramatic lights she succeeds in rendering this portrait.

Portrait of Cati II is a portrait that reacts with a different aspect of Cati's personality if the viewer is a man or a woman. She is more of a representation of a woman for men and more intimate and natural for women. When a viewer stands and looks at the portrait the system will detect if it is a man or a woman and trigger the right gesture.

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