Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Les Nabaztag sont trop forts!

So not only they are super cool to have, my friend Matthieu had one when I came visit him in Paris this winter, but now they do operas:


Petit commentaire au passage: If you type Nabaztag on Flickr, you get 594 pictures of the rabbit (including mine!)

So I found on Etienne Minneur's blog (who happens to be my graphic design professor from 1997-1999 while I studied at Paris VIII -- I am very proud of this fact, because I adore what he does)-- that Jean-Jacques Birgé is currently working with Antoine Schmitt on an opera for 100 Nabztags! This is for the ceremony of the Flash Festival 2006. Too bad I cannot attend, it is the 27th of May au Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), but if you happen to be there, check if there are still tickets available. Tickets are free, yes this is France!

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