Friday, July 21, 2006

Machine Therapy

I have just chatted with Kelly Dobson today at the lab and we found out that we share a research goal: using machines for therapy.
I will show her the last ptototypes on Haptic Psycho therapy that I made with Leo such as:
Squeeze Me - A Vest that Simulates Therapeutic Holding
Hurt Me - A Bracelet that Generates Controlled Pain for Psycho-Therapy
Cool Me Down - An Electronic Cold Wrap for grounding
Push My Buttons - A System and Method for the Remote Application of Touch Therapy

I have always adored Kelly's work. In particular, her ScreamBody.
ScreamBody is the first of the series of Wearable Body Organs. ScreamBody is a portable space for screaming. When a user needs to scream but is in anynumber of situations where it is just not permitted, ScreamBody silences the user’s screams so they may feel free to vocalize without fear of environmental retaliation, and at the same time records the scream for later release where, when, and how the user chooses.

One of her last piece is Blendie, a voice controller blender.
The experience for the participant is to speak the language of the machine and thus to more deeply understand and connect with the machine.

She is now finalising her PhD research on Machine Therapy
It is a body-to-body affair. In this way the machines serve as a bridge to the person’s inner life

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