Friday, May 11, 2007

Almost Safe

Deconstruction, 2007; Low Tide, 2007 by Anthony Goicolea

In his new show "Almost Safe," photographer Anthony Goicolea presents digitally-composed, black-and-white images of a shattered earth. The artist portrays a world that bears the wounds of globalization, war, and a crippled environment. Only these wastelands are left in their wake. Goicolea has composited images taken at several disaster sites, adding elements (like power lines across an ocean rock formation) that seem out-of-place or just barely plausible. In Deconstruction, ominous dark clouds form over an office building that's been halved in two and thrown across a beach. In Black Ice, a car is shown leaving a post-apocalyptic cityscape that's maybe part-New York City and part-Oz. This world is only half-real, but the more you look at Goicolea's constructions, the less impossible they seem. - Christopher Bartley

"Almost Safe" opens April 28 and runs through June 2, 2007 at Postmasters Gallery, NYC.
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