Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hand-eye coordination at 22 months?

Researching on hand-eye coordination, around 5-7 they still are supposed to develop it. I found this 22 month old toddler pretty good at playing Wii-Tennis!

Hand-eye coordination - Definition
Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task, such as handwriting or catching a ball. Hand-eye coordination uses the eyes to direct attention and the hands to execute a task.
Vision is the process of understanding what is seen by the eyes. It involves more than simple visual acuity (ability to distinguish fine details). Vision also involves fixation and eye movement abilities, accommodation (focusing), convergence (eye aiming), binocularity (eye teaming), and the control of hand-eye coordination. Most hand movements require visual input to be carried out effectively. For example, when children are learning to draw, they follow the position of the hand holding the pencil visually as they make lines on the paper.

From "Hand-Eye Coordination." Encyclopedia of Children's Health. Ed. Kristine Krapp and Jeffrey Wilson. Gale Group, Inc., 2005. 2006. 8 Sep, 2007
More description here
.pdf of the paper


Zee DeVoSS said...

Impressive little guy! He's incredible while playing,(is it a real amateur movie?) and so cute at the end when he looks for his mom! :)

Thank you Cati for sharing this!

Olivier Vaubourg said...

J'adore !
Et là où je suis vraiment épaté c'est qu'il sait à tous les coups faire la différence entre le jeu et les temps de replay... ce qui ne me paraît pas évident du tout.
C'est bien, Sofia & Alexis pourront jouer en double mixte contre leur marraine!