Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aerial Jewelry

I design Jewelry in the form of aerial patterns of a city. My vision is to have in miniature the multitude of patterns that one can see from a distance.

I research on how digital technologies make us re-evaluate the physical world. We perceive a new physicality through digital materials. In this project, I study the materiality perceived through aerial technologies. I believe that this modification of our perception of the environment is developed through our experience with the digital.

Now that we constantly travel by plane, use GIS, google map, satellite imagery, our vision is expanded. Our everyday objects have a language that adapt itself to our influences. As much as the car has influenced painting and the representation of space and movement, I want to show how the use of new technologies can change our way to design personal objects as exemplified by Aerial Jewelry.

Aerial Jewelry web site


Zee DeVoSS said...

I totally agree, Cati, this can be original and beautiful. Actually Biche de Bère explored this a bit, some years ago, with her collection "Metro Londres" (I think), which was gorgeous. Have you seen it?

Unknown said...

Thank you! I must admit Biche de Bère has a style very fragmented that I like a lot. I saw one pin of the brand that had engraved the subway map on it! In my work it is conceptual as much as about engineering and design; I map GIS data, satellite imagery in real time. I care about the effect of digital technology on our everyday objects.

muthabroad said...

I'm thinking this would look amazing, but you'd have to have an outfit with the right neckline to pull it off.

How about scarves, like Hermes? Umbrellas? I'm getting tired and loopy. Embossed leather handbags?