Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sweet logo

To design psychohaptic's logo, I searched a visual identity for the research. The logo that I ended up creating visually represents a mix between therapy and artificial comfort: a cross pink. The pink reminded me of artificial candy' sweetness, and the cross aimed to connect to medical care. Creating an artificial sensation of touch with Psychohaptics for therapy, the pink cross logo worked pretty well.

I recently discovered Happy Pills, a sweet shop in Barcelona designed in homage to traditional pharmacies. The logo is exactly the same one than the one I made for our project at MIT. I started to be interested in the common points between projects with similar logos. I envision a database of logos with a few keywords on the rationale for their design choices and their corresponding projects. As for a navigation system through design works, that would be very exciting!

M designed the branding and packaging as well as the interior of the store. “When you get candy in your mouth, your mood lifts, you feel better,” says M partner Marion Donneweg. “It’s like a bite of happiness.”

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