Friday, October 26, 2007

A sound machine

What could that be? The sound machine project consists of a pneumatic quintet that will be playing at the Hanover Fair, the world's biggest industrial fair.
Five automatic sound machines will provide musical accompaniment for the opening celebrations at the Hanover Fair. Pneumatic components and a PLC control system will be applied very differently from the way they are used in industrial automation: They will create a bridge between technology and art.

21 micro-cylinders are used in each sound machine. The micro-cylinders imitate the mechanical movements of a musician's left hand on the string instruments, determining the pitch of the tone by changing the length of the strings. Various drumsticks and a jazz brush are moved on the drum by micro-cylinders.

Enjoy the movie of the sound machine project.

"The idea of constructing musical robots or music machines is by no means new. The 18th century was the heyday of the machine constructors. However, the technical possibilities of Roland Olbeter’s sound machines by far transcend those of earlier music-boxes, especially since electronic media open up entirely new realms of sound." - Festo

See also the fantastic Chandelier, a large scale robotic musical instrument created by Mike Fabio, Steve Pliam and Tod Machover.

Video of the Chandelier

Don't forget to check Untitled sound objects by Lang + Zimoun that are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you commentator gr Hicham for the link!


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