Thursday, January 24, 2008

RSS feed what is in my pocket!

Burak Arikan just released his latest creation my pocket commissioned and announced by Turbulence.

"MYPOCKET discloses the artist's personal financial records to the world by exploring and revealing essential patterns in the daily transactions of his bank account. These are the records that we usually keep secret, whereas financial institutions intensively analyze them to score our credibility. Archived on the site, the artist's two years of spending history is analyzed by the custom software to predict future spending; these predictions sometimes determine his future choices, creating a system in which both the software and the artist adapt to one another. Influenced by today's techno-cultural milieu, MYPOCKET presents a hybrid interface to a living physical/digital process."

Woaaaaa I cannot wait to know what Burak is spending these days away from the media lab! The software does object prediction -ATM, groceries, rent, Fauchon, Les Galeries Lafayette, and so on.
The objects are the products of deliberate analysis and living. A predicted object is the physical evidence of a future event, it is produced when the event happens.
It does generate stunning graphs of transactions with Burak's personal touch. The network model generates list of predictions about future spending. It shows the unprocessed model of dynamic relationships between transaction items and their effects changing overtime.
And the cherry on the cake: an RSS feed of banking transactions!

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Ashok said...

No one's said anything about what this means for privacy?