Friday, January 18, 2008

The Den Den Mushi

Have you ever thought of inventing a new fruit? The type of fruits you find in anime can be inspiring. Slugs, insects, monsters can also be a source of inspiration for new design objects. I remember loving the Den Den Mushi, the Transponder Snail Phone, a snail that works as a portable phone in One Piece.

A physical representation of the One Piece "den den mushi" - Photo by MJ Reyes

Well not far from these electro-snail ideas, designer Peter d'Alessandro invented a fruit, sketched a cannibal one, a fruit that cooks another fruit by working as a solar oven. This is particularly self-contained and sustainable!

The plant cooks the fruit by working as a solar oven

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Jesse said...

A is for access. B is for biogenic. C is for something. D is for something more. E is for ten. F is for nine. G is for rooting. H is for house. I is for J. J is for K. The rest is technology.