Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Accessories for lonely men

My friends Burak, Yasmine, and Jonah mentioned an exhibition at the Moma that I checked online. I now plan a trip to New York to attend it. Among the many stimulating pieces, I selected this very funny set of electronic objects in the vein of Design Noir, which I believe could sadly become a commercial hit! Accessories for lonely men are eight electronic devices designed to alleviate loneliness by stimulating the -sometimes annoying- traces that one's companion would normally leave behind.

The collection includes a Sheet Thief, which "winds the bedclothes up on the other side of the bed while you're sleeping". Other joys of sharing a bed are re-created with Cold feet and a Heavy Breather that breathes hot air down the user's neck. In the morning the Hair Alarm Clock swings hair across the user's face to wake him, while the steel finger of the Chest-Hair Curler gently swirls his chest hair in concentric circles.

Accessories for lonely men by Noam Toran, photos Frank Thurston

Jonah's piece the WIFI-HOG is included in the show. The Wifi Hog is a tactical tool to liberate public WiFi Nodes!

"Wi-Fi Hog is personal system for a laptop or portable computer that enables people to gain complete control over a public access wireless network. The idea is presented as an alternative to the utopian vision of wireless networks being open, shared, and utilitarian for everyone. This project is a cautionary one, and comes as a reaction to the battle over free wireless spectrum where corporate pay-per-use and free community networks are fighting for signal dominance in public spaces. Wifi-Hog exists as a tactical media tool for controlling and subverting this claim of ownership and regulation over free spectrum, by allowing a means of control to come from a third-party."

Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition opens February 24th, 2008 at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

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Anonymous said...

Cati Gorgeous,
Let's go together. There is a strong chance that I will be in Boston in March ;)

Pauspling said...

I love Noam Toran's work. John M introduced me to him and I wrote about it in my blog a while ago. Unfortunately in Swedish. :(

The theme of the blog post is "Men with broken hearts".