Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Intense things happening in World of Warcraft

Ok some intense things are happening in the virtual world. As if controlling a level 70 character was not enough trouble, these guys (and girls) control *five* 70 characters at the same time in 5 boxing setups on their own. An example:

I am speechless, all that stuff said about my little virtual identity expressed through physical means is a piece of coconut compared to the mental strength required to visually maintain and control 5 avatars running quests and killing bosses at the same time.

So if someone is up for running a 25 men dungeon on his own, there is still this possibility:

This raises interesting questions for the future of human computer interaction, because Blizzard allows you to run multiple copies of WoW on the same computer, we need special joysticks, probably new interfaces for elbows to control 2nd class characters, the feet to control the mages (they are our DPS after all they need sone action), and of course I would leave the hands for the tank warriors. Some speech recognition would be also of great help to switch stances.

A new class of displays and controllers is on the way.

More online discussion about WoW and more discussion about multiboxing!

Posted by Cati Vaucelle


Anonymous said...

I had a lot of fun while I was watching at the first picture of this post and trying to imagine how someone would control 5 characters ...it would be just like a real battle, consuming a lot of energy, especially in the middle of a battle. :))

Zee DeVoSS said...

Wooow, either this is brilliant skills like those impressive chess masters who can play several simultanous blind games (and win!), either it is time management and optimization! But I am not a WoW specialist, so...