Thursday, March 09, 2006

Digital and virtual applications can inform our conception of the physical space

Digital infrastructure and applications are growing in breadth and scope.
These technologies now reach across multiple generations. Furthermore, it is now common for digital technologies to borrow rules from the physical environment, extending their interfaces through tangible means. Indeed, we enter a technology cycle characterized by the disappearance of a number of boundaries that we were used to, this happens with nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information.

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence through the means of microcontrollers in our space, body and networking".1

However, an interesting dichotomy exists between the physical and digital. Despite efforts to inform digital design with physical rules, digital technologies have a tendency to drive people from the physical space. Digital applications are attracting and extending our social, community based, and physical means of interaction, e.g. gathering, friendships through online communities, diary through blogs, research online, even the way we order food. The question is: now that we have been digital, how can we return to the physical and do so by gaining the value of our digital opportunities? How can we leverage the benefits of the digital while driving new interactions within the physical environment?

Kaplan D. 2005. « Civilisations numeriques », premiere: Conquetes et conflits, InternetActu #92.

By Cati in Personal research

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