Monday, March 27, 2006

Ernesto Neto : huggable sculptures

I love Ernesto Neto's soft "huggable" sculptures.

Exhibited in Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, USA in March 2002. Neto's sculptures and installations are indeed singular in contemporary art," says curator Viso. "His works, which he describes as a 'kind of body/space/landscape,' not only arrest us visually but also make us keenly aware of the spaces inside, around and between our bodies. We become voyagers in sensorial odysseys

Ernesto Neto (Brazilian, born 1966), "The Ovaloids Meeting" (1998). Courtesy of the artist and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York.


Anonymous said...

usually ernesto neto's sculpture smells! sometimes good sometimes not that good.. but those i dont know... do they smells good?


Jinson said...

In fact I could breathe the aroma which emerge from these Hugging my furniture and I feel to taste rather than just hug your furniture .It is really fantastic work .Madam, you can have a preview of my paintings on , . Have a prosperous and fantastic New Year
Jinson Joseph