Saturday, April 15, 2006

Selection of short animation movies

This semester, I take the Harvard Animation class, a VES course at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, taught by Ruth Lingford.
Yesterday during our weekly screening, I particularly enjoyed watching movies from Gaelle Denis, Lisbeth Svarling, and especially the work of Emily Mantell 'To Have and to Hold'.

From Gaelle Denis I watched the very beautiful City Paradise, a journey through a very atmospheric London.

screenshots from the animation

She also is the author of Fish Never Sleep a very cute but intense story of an insomniac.

The cute Cloud Cover animation from Lisbeth Svarling can be watched here. The story features beautiful drawings and a story that can be interpreted in many ways. A little girl followed by her black cloud, looking for cure, looking for love... very touching and sweet.

Finally, I literally adored the work of Emily Mantell 'To Have and to Hold'
An alternative world based on a companionship fantasy where women take the lead.

  • pieces of all the individual animations from the RCA show 2004 can be watched and downloaded here Check the Matthew Abbiss' Play

  • various kinds of animations can be watched here

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    Julie said...

    I am interested if you would do a short animation piece for me. It's only 30 seconds and it's for a graduate film at Columbia University. Contact thanks.