Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bracelet for moods

An interesting, beautiful but difficult concept design idea, Sense by Patty Yuan, a wrist-based bluetooth device that senses your emotion by reading your heart rate, skin temperature.

Mapping emotion to biometric data is a difficult research question, especially when it supposedly presents itself as a nonverbal communication device. What is communicated here? What is the language? What is the feedback loop? Many devices from this category deal with the same complexity: how to map these data to a visual or haptic language.


james burke said...

Hi Cati, I would tend to agree with you with not being able to understand that the direct mapping is incredibly problematic ie heart beat to emotion. Still it's a nice stab at trying to make recording biometrics fun. I'm still looking for an ethereal solution to this that you don't even notice. I just want to capture and send my heartbeat(and any other biometric data) and package it as a feed to overlay over other data sets i own. You could call it a 'bleed':)

Unknown said...

In less poetic, but very convenient there is the Vital Monitoring System by Dan Bishop: