Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Multisensorial video?

Caution: Objects in this mirror may be closer than they appear!

I work on getting closer and closer to the expression, and the content of the expression, through video, and this by interfacing capture, edition and projection. Sometimes, novels inspire you the most in what you do. I chose the following quote of Jean Baudrillard from his book America:

Nostalgia born of the immensity of the Texan hills and the sierras of New Mexico: gliding down the freeway, smash hits on the Chrysler stereo, heat wave. Snapshots aren't enough. We'd need the whole film of the trip in real time, including the unbearable heat and the music. We'd have to replay it all from end to end at home in a darkened room, rediscover the magic of the freeways and the distance and the ice-cold alcohol in the desert and the speed and live it all again on the video at home in real time, not simply for the pleasure of remembering but because the fascination of senseless repetition is already present in the abstraction of the journey. The unfolding of the desert is infinitely close to the timelessness of film... - Jean Baudrillard, America

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