Thursday, June 07, 2007

wireless power transfer

In last few years, our society experienced a silent, but quite dramatic, revolution in terms of the number of autonomous electronic devices (e.g. laptops, palm pilots, digatal cameras, household robots, etc.) that we use in our everyday lives. Currently, most of these devices are powered by batteries, which need to be recharged very often.

This fact motivated us to think whether there exist physical principles that could enable wireless powering of these and similar devices. Results of our research on the feasibility of using resonant objects, strongly coupled through the tails of their non-radiative modes, for mid-range (i.e. a few meters: e.g. within a room, or a factory pavillion) wireless power transfer applications seem to be quite encouraging.

Research by Marin Soljačić at MIT

A recent article mentions his work on "how to wirelessly illuminate an unplugged light bulb from seven feet away" which reminds me of the beautiful wireless lightbulb of Jeff Lieberman.

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