Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dice video

A Nikle Injuries by Fujiya & Miyagi


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful find. Must have take for ever to create. Do you think they "cheated" and used some CG?

Unknown said...

I like the mix between animation with real dices and CG. The richness of connecting us to a tangible memory, visual perspective and then expanding this into a dice-pixelization with CG is really nice.

Anonymous said...

Based on a good look at one of the last frames, I'd venture they took real photos of dice (as opposed to computer generated/rendered models; there appear to me to be minor imperfections that suggest they're real, but each version is consistently imperfect). Adding those images to a resource file, they could then filter the source material, assign numerical values to the "value" (lightness/darkness) of a video frame, and then use that data to do a swap with the dice photos.

They could probably get color effects the same way, or if they need to differentiate between different hues with the same gray scale values, add a separate pass to distinguish between them.

That's my guess. But regardless of "how", it's a nice piece. Thanks for sharing it.