Monday, March 26, 2007

The beautiful people

The American Look (1958) discovered at paper lily.
America lifestyle in the 50's with an *idealistic* sense for design. A must see for any designer.

In France, we have Mon Oncle made in 1958 by Jacques Tati who portrays magnificently a materialistic lifestyle contrasted with a Mr. Hulot who struggles with postwar France's mindless obsession with modernity and American-style consumerism. I recommend anyone to watch any of Jacques Tati's movie. Delight for sure. A must see for anybody!

The following is an extract from Playtime

Mon oncle

I'd like to finish by a welcome into modernity by Jacques Tati. Awesome.


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denis_m said...

Tati, un maître, Mon oncle, son chef d'oeuvre, l'amérique doit connaître ça, merci Cati !

Anonymous said...

DVDs of American Look

I originally posted American Look on Google Video and have seen tremendous interest in it being on DVD. I hope this helps!